Betty White Safe Watch Alternative

If you have looked into ordering the Betty White Safe Watch by Monsignor, you’ve discovered that there is a hefty ongoing monthly fee for the monitoring service. Without the monitoring service, the watch is pretty useless. Monsignor does not post prices on their website and requires a date of birth before they will give prices on the phone. The price I was quoted for a 70 year old, was $99.90 for the watch and a monthly fee of $42.50. The also offer a discount for a 2-year prepay which still makes it over $33 a month, and no refund is available if for some reason you don’t need to have the watch for the entire two years.

We found an alternative to the Safe Watch that could save you a lot of money over time. The Amber Alert, as it’s name implies, is marketed as a GPS device for children, and has a slightly different feature set than Safe Watch, but for certain situations, it might fit the bill as well, if not better than the Safe Watch. If you are looking for a device for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, then the Amber Alert has several advantages over the Safe Watch.

Amber Alert Features Safe Watch Features
  • Tiny Built-in GPS
  • SOS button – Sends a “HELP ME” email to as many as 10 trusted individuals that you have predetermined.  The email will contain the street address and a map link.
  • You receive a detailed map of the exact location right on your web-enabled phone.  You can also track one or more devices from your computer.
  • Define a virtual boundary and receive an alert when the device leaves the safe zone.
  • Voice Monitoring available
  • Speed alerts, temperature alerts and destination alerts can be set.
  • Works anywhere GPS works (GPS doesn’t always work indoors)
  • Tiny Built-in GPS
  • A call button to the monitoring center that allows for two-way conversation
  • Works anywhere that has cell phone coverage
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
Amber Alert GPS Armor Price – $179
Monthly Service – from $9.99

Learn More About Amber Alert GPS Armor
Safe Watch Price – approx. $100
Monthly Service – from $33.29

Prices are subject to change and
dependent on other variables.